The Friends Of Loudoun Kirk

The Friends Of Loudoun Kirk was established as a charity in 1994, and work in close conjunction with Historic Scotland, with the purpose of preserving the historic site of Loudoun Kirk. The Kirk's significance can be noted, both from increased tourism within the surrounding area, and perhaps more strikingly from a gift of a commenrative plaque from the Belgian S.A.S., who trained nearby at Loudoun Castle, during the Second World War.

Loudoun Kirk, however, is currently in ruin and is continuing to deteriorate both naturally and as a result of vandalism. Consequently action is required to halt further damage and repair existing problems. Our aims are the restoration and preservation of the Kirk.

This we hope to achieve through:

Loudoun Kirk today
Loudoun Kirk as it looks today

We recently received a herritage lottery grant which enabled us to carry out major repairs to the roof and walls of the kirk. Fundraising, however, is still ongoing to help us achieve our goal of fully restoring the Kirk and then preserving it for future generations.

Not all of our work work is fund raising, there is also research underway into various historical aspects of the Kirk, such as the source of roofing slate and the history of the people interred within the kirkyard.

We also hold social events throughout the year, listening to guest speakers at our member's nights or dancing the night away at our ever popular ceilidhs.